About Us

Buford Supply has been around for more than 25 years serving the 4 state region of Western Kentucky, Northwest Tennessee, Southeast Missouri, and Southern Illinois. We specialize in distributing products needed in body shops, new and used car dealerships, and detail shops. Most of the products we sell and service we buy direct from the manufacturer in order to sell them for the smallest price to our customers.

The highly trained staff at Buford Supply has either worked in a body shop, a car dealership, a detail shop, or a combination of working there or owning that type of business. When you contact one of our staff professionals, you can feel assured you are working with the best trained people in the automotive industry. We are here to help you find the proper products for all of your needs and to make sure you properly use those products.

Some of the worldwide brands we distribute are Carborundum, Auveco, Metalux from ChemSpec USA, Montana, Sherwin-Williams Automotive, Car Brite, BAF/PRO, Fusor, Presta, Sprayway, Fiberglass Evercoat, Century 400, and 3M. When asked what we sell, we usually tell our customers that we sell any product or tool needed in a body shop or detail shop. We keep a large inventory of the most popular products, but if needed we will happily special order a product for you.

We have developed this site to better serve our customers in the 4 state region and to share a quality experience with everyone in the 48 contiguous states.